Blogging is not our strength. The writing here will be mediocre at best. Then why do this whole blog thing you ask? To grow. This is not an attempt to share with the world all of the wisdom that we think we have, to impress people with our glamorous lives or make our best effort at becoming the next Beth Moore. Nope. We just want to force ourselves to process both inwardly and outwardly what God is teaching us in the daily grind. It is a good discipline to write down the lessons we learn, and it sticks even more if we think about how to communicate to others. We want to be creative in ministry together as we live far apart and navigate the ever changing seasons of life. If you are anything like us, you gain a great deal of encouragement from people who are walking through life and share the real struggles with you. As Kindred, we want to share with you and each other, the real faithfulness and goodness of God in our very normal, not so glamorous lives. Join us?