By Hannah Logan

In college, I remember driving home from church one day and listening to my friends tease about this song. I did not know how to articulate in a theological debate then about why I disagreed with them. I still do not know how to do that but I know so deeply that I do. The song is cheesy and corny in every way but the truth of the song has sustained me for 5 years. I know with certainty and great hope that Christ is my dearest, truest friend and His Word, my most treasured companion.

My friends may have been worried that calling Him, friend, took away from His sovereignty, omniscience, and power; but I believe it only magnifies it. I recently saw this quote that communicates that idea so beautifully:

More and more I see God as the Almighty Listener. More and more I see how preoccupied we are with the “answers” to our prayers, never acknowledging the utterly omnipotent and compassionate act of God’s hearing them. In contrast with the half-open ears of even our dearest friends, we have a listening as large as the universe. -Garret Keizer

My husband and I have moved three times in the last 4 years and two of those times we didn’t know anyone in the area. These have been hard years and I have found loneliness as a constant nagging at my soul that is tempting me to despair. But God, has been there every step and everyday. He has wiped my tears and carried my sorrows. He has held me so tenderly and sung truths of His promises over me. He has led me beside still waters and refreshed my soul. When I was faithless, He remained faithful.

Today, my inmost being sings shouts of praises for His dear friendship. I am so thankful to know Him as such.

  1. Walter said:
    November 3, 2015  7:12 pm
  2. Merea said:
    Seriously, so good Hannah!
    November 4, 2015  5:32 am

By Janet Price

Gratitude is the foundation for all other right attitudes.

If you’re truly grateful to right One, then all of life is viewed within that vein. It becomes the lens that brings other struggles into focus. I know this very well and have watched my own attitude in many arenas change by practicing gratitude. I have watched numerous others choose joy in the midst of trial by remembering thanksgiving.

There’s an old song called, “It’s Amazing What Praising Can Do.” It truly is amazing what gratefulness and praising can do when you focus on good things about God, the life He’s given and those with whom you live that life.

Back when I was raising my kids, my laundry room was my inner sanctum of attitude change. I posted scripture all over the place because I often needed that reminder to change my attitude. It made sense to put them there because I spent so much time there with the clothes of my husband and 5 children. As I would fold the mountains of laundry, I would call on God to make those scriptures real to me and make me grateful instead of burdened. He was faithful to do just that. 

November is a month that many focus on being grateful. I’m incredibly thankful for a God who holds my future, one I can know personally. My husband and I begin a huge transition in life this spring and do not know what the future holds. What we do know is the One who holds it all. We can rest in that. 

Think about what you are grateful for today!

Btw, if you haven’t downloaded Travis Ryan’s new music you should. “You Hold it All” is fabulous!

By Janet Price

Good Friday—it’s supposed to be a day set apart.  It should be a day of remembering, of reflecting.  However, our world is not about stopping for much of anything, especially reflection.

I LOVE Easter.  I love the truth it represents.  In my view, we should be making as big a deal out of Easter as we do Christmas.  The gift giving at Christmas has overtaken not only itself as a holiday, but all the others as well.  All pale in comparison to what people think and do about them.  When in reality, without Easter, we would not have the assurance of heaven or a relationship with a living God.

We call it Good Friday because of the cross.  I love going back and reading through each of the gospels about the cross and then the resurrection each year.  It’s a tradition I don’t ever want to quit.  As one young girl expressed to her mom, “Why is it called Good Friday?  It should be called Sad Friday, but then Sunday came and He rose so, now, it’s called Good Friday I guess!”  I LOVE the simplicity of children.  It’s exciting that she (8 yrs old) understands the truth of both these days.  She could teach us all I think.

Anyway, I want to be somber (not sad, but serious) on Good Friday.  I want to remember.   I found myself burdened by so much of what needed to be done.  I had a bunch of responsibilities that were looming for something coming up.  I had to run here and there and make several calls.  I had to run to the school in town and they were going about business as usual.  As you are going about, you realize life goes on this day as if it were every other day.  No one stops.  I know that reflection and true worship is something that comes from within.  Our hearts must be about honoring our Lord.  That can happen in the midst of all things.  But I just wonder if it would help if we planned our ways to stop our busyness, to spend the day reflecting, to honor the day or remembrance.  Sometimes it can’t be helped.  I had gotten behind on some things this year and had to handle these things that day.  But, as a rule, I think it helps me and maybe it would help others to plan the day to STOP.

I need those times.  I need to back off from all the “stuff” of daily responsibility and reflect.  Good Friday is certainly a day meant for that.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend of worship.  Jesus died on the cross, but it didn’t end there.  Reflect on Friday, but always remember that Sunday is COMING!

By Janet Price

2 weeks ago I talked about salvation for our children. That same week we celebrated the first birthday of granddaughter #3. I watched her mother, my youngest daughter, creatively plan for the party. I saw her and her husband’s faith as they asked for grandparents to pray for their little one that she would come to know the Lord. Earlier that week, my second daughter called to report success in potty training her 2 year old. I know she has prayed for strength and wisdom in that.

I just want to remind the moms out there that the daily grind of raising children is holy work too.

Whether it’s birthdays, potty training or teaching something for the fifteenth time, it’s holy work. It doesn’t feel like that in the moment. I know it’s a struggle not to think you’re missing doing the “things that matter”. I remember the countless times I felt that times of ministry were passing me by. I remember writing so often in my journal how I longed for more. I longed to be used in more tangible ways. But I also remember the joys of being with my children. I don’t regret one minute of time with my children. We would be hard-pressed to find a mom or dad who believe they had spent too much time with their children.

The fact is it TAKES TIME. Raising children who are respectful, caring individuals takes effort. Helping children by helping them learn obedience and respect does transfer and helps when it comes to learning to follow the Lord. So, what seems mundane is actually holy work. What we hope to be doing is training disciples.  That involves daily, repetitive, hard work. That’s where we learn life. Yes, the big times are important, but if you don’t learn in the daily struggles those times will be a bust. As the scripture says, “He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.” We know that we learn incrementally. How we were taught in this small instance helps us gain better footing for the next circumstance.

In the midst of my chaotic laundry room, I placed scripture verses on the wall. They were strategically placed in front of my face as I was loading and folding all those years. It was done in needy desperation for better attitude and joy in dealing with daily struggles. Many times I would enter the laundry room frustrated and God would meet me there. I could come back out refreshed.

One of the most crucial truths to remember was “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11   Whether it was an issue in disciplining my children or myself, this verse screamed truth into my life a thousand times over. God is so good heart change and life change. What a mighty God we serve! Oh what a lie to believe you only minister through teaching or serving in church or wherever is more public. EVERY DAY you are serving by training your children to love God and others.   They are learning in the early years how to share, honor their parents and serve God. They also learn practical things that will serve them well when their time comes to branch out in ministry.

Be encouraged moms. One day you’ll be watching your adult children either living for the Lord or praying for them to be. I pray when you get there that you have no regrets. Embrace the time you have. It is more fleeting than you can imagine. Live life to God’s glory! Whether that means dealing with whining toddlers, washing mounds of laundry or speaking to thousands, God can and will use you.   The important thing is embrace His gracious love and glorify Him in the process. Love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and leave Him the results. HE IS FAITHFUL!


  1. Brit said:
    Stumbled upon your blog through a friends Instagram post...divine appointment I believe. So Blessed by this this morning...struggling with my children (& my attitude) ...I want to have no regrets & in order to do that I need to be a better example of calm, peace, joy in my heart. Thank you for ministering to me today.
    March 27, 2015  12:39 pm
    • Janet said:
      Thanks so much! I am so very blessed to know that God used this in someone's life. Thank you for commenting!
      March 28, 2015  9:40 am
  2. Robyn said:
    Thank you Janet! Praise God!! The Great Ophthalmologist!! (Ha! :))... has been giving me a new vision of motherhood and the further i get into this adventure I'm recognizing more and more the perfect training ground that it is for me and my kiddos! I love you!
    April 10, 2015  1:29 pm
  3. Tessa said:
    Wonderful post! Thank you for encouraging me :)
    April 13, 2015  8:39 pm

truthIt’s been a unique week in my life.  I’ve had the privilege to hear two of my daughters speak in different venues and share God’s love and hope to different groups of women.  Joy fills my soul to see and hear God using them in this way.   Each, in their own way, communicated their love for the Lord and how He had taught them through His amazing scripture.

I have prayed for my children through the years that they would not only know the Lord, but also love His Word, this is where true change happens.  His Word is what convicts, moves and transforms us into His image.   Treasures are immense because its Author is infinite in wisdom and love.  Our prayers have been answered and I am humbled by His gracious love for us and for them.

One of my life verses in III John vs. 4, “There is no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.”  John spoke these words not about his physical children, but about those he had “fathered” or mentored in the truth.  He was speaking about a man named Gaius, but made it a general statement of all who had followed Christ through his testimonies.  I hear the immense joy in his voice even through the written word.  The feel joy and gratitude.  I know that it is the Lord who has worked here.

Some try to credit my husband and I, but we both know that God has moved in our children.  Yes, we sought to raise them in His instruction and admonition.  There is no doubt that we gave much effort in that, but we, more than anyone, know that we are very human.  We failed a lot.  We yelled sometimes.  We lost our tempers.  We were overboard and underboard other times.  No one knows more than us that the good that we see in our children following the Lord comes in spite of us more than because of us.  The truth is that no matter how much teaching you’ve had, you must come to the Lord yourself.  There is only One that draws each one of us to Himself.  All the training in the world will never make one follow the Lord.  The Lord must quicken the heart and draw each person to Him.  Thanks be to God He answered and did that in each of our children’s lives.  We can never thank Him enough for that incredible gift.

Parenting is a combination of pointing your children to the Lord through example, training and praying for God to rescue them from sin.

We work as if it depends on us and pray diligently because we know it doesn’t.  

A paradox for sure, but one that every Christian parent should understand.

Salvation for our children should bring us to our knees.  If it hasn’t, then there is either too high a view of your own abilities or too low a view of prayer.  Yet, we have a responsibility to live life in such a way that represents or explains His grace.   Pointing them to Christ involves example, training (which takes lots of work), honesty, transparency and grace upon grace upon grace.   We pray for salvation first and foremost.  Then, we pray for specific circumstances in their lives, for conviction of particular sins, for obedience, for friends who love the Lord, for future mates and on and on.   We must be careful to pray in the right heart attitude… for God’s best and not our pride to be preserved.  So many of my parenting days came to moments of self examination which turned to repentance more often than not.   We are not raising our children to show how “well” we did it.  We’re hopefully raising people who will be disciples of the Lord Jesus and already know how to obey, respect authority and admit wrong when needed.  Unfortunately, these are qualities that are not in large supply today.  First, we must be ready in those areas as parents.

Parenting is not for cowards.  You probably will not lead your children or anyone else further than you are yourself.  You must first BE who you claim to be.  If you want your children to love the Lord, then LOVE the LORD with all your heart.  Our children can see through hypocrisy quicker than most.  Be faithful to all God has given.  The last thing we want to do is be a hindrance to anyone following the Lord.

Walk with Him through this adventure.  You’re blessed to have this amazing responsibility!



  1. Melissa Rank said:
    Wow Janet. Thank you for sharing this!
    March 1, 2015  7:01 pm
    • Janet said:
      Thx Melissa! Hope it encourages you !
      March 1, 2015  11:47 pm
  2. Amen!!! said:
    March 1, 2015  9:45 pm
  3. Amy said:
    Thank you for the encouragement that what we do as parents matters but the reminder to pray because what do will never be enough.
    March 2, 2015  5:20 am
  4. Amy said:
    Also... LOVING the blog! One suggestion, can you all identify who is writing the post at the beginning or in the title?? I always scroll all the way to the bottom to see who it is before going back to the top to read.
    March 2, 2015  5:22 am
  5. Sylvia Cowell said:
    This is so awesome! Thank you for these wise words. I love your perspective. It is so true that we aught to live like it depends on us but pray knowing that it is the Lord that cause life and growth in our children. I treasure your family!
    March 2, 2015  5:36 am
  6. Janet said:
    Will pass that on Amy!
    March 2, 2015  5:36 am
  7. Jennifer Tang said:
    such an encouragement as this has been heavy in my heart as we set out to raise our first.
    March 2, 2015  4:42 pm
  8. Robyn Smith said:
    Thank you Janet!! I loved this and needed this! :) Praise God!!
    March 12, 2015  8:31 pm