The Christmas season has just ended.  It’s a great time of family and friends getting together.   It’s a reason to stop, do those things that connect us, give gifts and celebrate our Savior together.  It’s much- needed in our society.  It’s much needed in our families.

I wonder what it would be like if we purposed to do that kind of thing on a regular basis throughout the month.  I’m not suggesting we celebrate some kind of holiday every month, but the time with family and friends is so important.  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, but just getting together on a personal level.  There is something to be said about visiting with someone in their own home.  It brings a little connection and closeness to the relationship IF it’s a relaxed atmosphere. 


The Bible encourages us to find ways to connect like this.  Hospitality is spoken of in the New Testament as something all believers should practice and as a requirement for leaders.  (I Tim 3:2, Romans 12:13, Titus 1:8, I Peter 4:9)  It’s a biblical command for believers for a reason.  God knows we need each other!  We need each other more than saying hello on Sundays.  We need REAL, HONEST relationships.  We need to see each other live life and keep each other accountable.   Sometimes it can be something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a cup of coffee, but it can be used to encourage, to listen, or to teach something new.

Our society is always at a fast pace.  Our lives run from work, to school, to sports, to music and back again.  Church activities can even be too much at times.  Learning balance for your family is a constant challenge.   In that challenge, we also need to add the balance of relationships.  As Christians, God wants us to be intentional in relationship.  This is how we truly have affect.  It’s in the honest, open conversations over dinner or dessert that can open up hearts to hear. 

One of the greatest hindrances to this idea (beyond our schedules) is that people tend to think they have to do something elaborate when preparing dinner or having guests.  This is just that—a hindrance!  It really has no truth to it whatsoever.  People don’t mind imperfection.  In fact, most rather enjoy seeing that others don’t keep perfect houses or fix perfect meals all the time.  When you are genuine in wanting to minister to someone or just get to know them, most enjoy being the recipient of that.   They don’t mind paper plates or a simple meal.  It’s nice to bring out your best once in a while, and use what you’ve been given.  But, if time has not permitted or “life” happened to redirect—it’s okay!!   It’s also okay to plan for the casual!

It’s a shame that we let ourselves as women get worked up over the details of the “stuff” instead of people.  I have found myself there and had to stop and remind myself why I’m doing this.  The main point is sharing your home and making others know they are welcome.  Really, the only necessary ingredient is a sincere heart that is not out to impress, but to show love.    I even had a person tell me once how special it was that I just laid out a paper towel with a sandwich.  She felt at home because I wasn’t stressing about certain dishes, etc.  Practicing hospitality is in our homes, but it’s also a mindset that is displayed in our behavior in all situations.  Asking someone to join you for lunch from work can be an act of hospitality.  It’s really a worldview or mindset that looks out for the care and concern of others.  John Piper says, “Grace is the hospitality of God to welcome sinners not because of their goodness but because of His glory.”  When you think about it, the ultimate act of hospitality was Jesus Christ dying for sinners in order to make them members of His household of faith.  If you have found Christ, you have found a home!   Isn’t it a privilege to share what He’s given you to encourage others to know that amazing truth!!

Take the plunge!  Have someone over this week!  You’ll love it!



Blogging is not our strength.  The writing here will be mediocre at best.  Then why do this whole blog thing you ask?  To grow.  This is not an attempt to share with the world all of the wisdom that we think we have, to impress people with our glamorous lives or make our best effort at becoming the next Beth Moore.  Nope.  We just want to force ourselves to process both inwardly and outwardly what God is teaching us in the daily grind.  It is a good discipline to write down the lessons we learn, and it sticks even more if we think about how to communicate to others.  We want to be creative in ministry together as we live far apart and navigate the ever changing seasons of life.  If you are anything like us, you gain a great deal of encouragement from people who are walking through life and share the real struggles with you.



  1. Lindsey Parker said:
    ummm...yes please :)
    February 10, 2015  7:25 pm
  2. Rebecca said:
    Thank you for this! Such a wonderful space to come and be reminded of God's goodness and grace in the everydayness of life.
    February 14, 2015  4:58 am
  3. Steven Rivera said:
    I can only say that I have only had the pleasure of knowing two of the Price women on a deeper level, but as a family you all have moved mountains. I will not be partaking in this wonderful blog regularly, being that it is designed for women, but I wanted to say thank you for making a difference in my life. I know our lives have taken us in separate directions, more specifically spiritually, but you all have left a lasting mark on my heart that will never be forgotten. Thank you for taking this step in the blogging world. There need to be more women like you. I hope that the Price women continue to be shining example of what a Godly woman should be.
    February 14, 2015  11:50 pm
    • Merea said:
      Steven! What an encouraging comment, love you so much friend! Miss you!
      February 15, 2015  6:35 am
  4. Amy Hofschroer said:
    Count me in!!! Couldn't be more excited to be connected to the heart of some of my favorite people but am thrilled to be encouraged to process Gods faithfulness in my mundane not so glamorous life!!
    February 15, 2015  12:05 am