Meet the bloggers + sisters

Mom:  A strong woman of the Word, devoted to prayer, wife and mother of five, spiritual mother to so many, a beach loving, party hosting, loudly laughing, cannon ball splashing kind of Grammy!

Merea: Inspirational, visionary, committed to deep and authentic relationships, usually has us all cracking up! Passionate about worshiping Jesus… with her mad vocals, artistry, and smile.

Allyson: Loving, supportive, faithful and fiercely loyal! She never meets a stranger and is determined to love hard. Embracing the beauty in KY and racing through life with Shawn, her McSmarty husband, Mercy Rea and Baby Boy Caden Price.

Hannah: Servant-hearted, intentional in word and deed, theologically curious, creative and crafty!  She is apt to win you over with her wit and natural athleticism, while journeying through life and making beautiful babies with her boo, Joey.

Jenni: Steadfast (except when watching movies late at night, zzzzz). Embraces life with discipline, honesty and joy, cheerfully serves others and speaks truth, has a business mind and loves a good cheesy joke.  You’ll always laugh when she’s around.

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